Sustainable Gardens for 2023

The adage “Everything old is new again” rings true when we look to the gardening trends of 2023, with one of them being sustainable garden designs.
With inflation and interest rates now dominating the global economic landscape, frugality is now new again and can be practiced when choosing your lawn variety.

As polite in price as our Green Couch turf variety is, our Nara Native Zoysia is the sustainable choice that will see your maintenance costs lower over the life of your lawn.

Our Nara Native Zoysia is:

  • Slower growing, which equates to less mowing (saving on mower fuel, blades and your oh-so-precious weekend time);
  • Eco-friendly, being able to sustain itself on sizeably less fertiliser than the fast-growing green couch;
  • Water-wise, ensuring it is kind to your council water bills and water tanks. As once established, the Nara Native Zoysia rhizomes are deep-rooted, ensuring it has the highest drought tolerance rating of all our turf varieties; and
  • Weed competitive, ensuring you use less herbicides.

Sustainable gardening may be deemed a “trend” for 2023 but adopting environmentally friendly gardening practices is something we strongly believe will stand the test of time.

Find out more about our Nara Native Zoysia on our “Zoysia” variety page where you’ll also find a link to this eco-friendly variety’s technical specifications.

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