We live and breathe our ethos that is built on our motto ‘Produce – Harvest – Educate’.

PRODUCE our turf sustainably by maintaining healthy soil compositions, invest in automated irrigation techniques to conserve water and where possible use organic inputs to foster growth.

HARVEST high yielding turf that is freshly cut to order.

EDUCATE ourselves continually on how best to grow, and our customers and community on how best to maintain healthy plant life, to achieve the best result from turf for our environment as a whole.



Our intention was to build a farm with sustainability and the environment at its heart, that would encourage the Whitsundays region to explore the benefits of turf in their own yards, community green spaces and commercial projects.

We invite you to be inspired through our image gallery of past projects and reflect on the wellness benefits of turf for you and your

Love Picture


Mowing Pictur


We are committed to our goal of providing premium turf to our customers in the Whitsundays.

Be it Couch, Buffalo or Zoysia – the expertise of our farmers can help you select a turf variety that will complement your lifestyle and home with the finest looking lawn on the street.



The following are the values of Hamilton Plains Turf farm that provide the framework for all that we do and intend to do well into the future to serve our customers:

  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
Our Values Driving Tractor Picture


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