Meet our newest team member - Bluey, Our 5 Star New Recruit

They say the next phase of the covid induced Great Resignation commenced in the second half of 2022, known as “Quiet Quitting”. A trend where employees choose to no longer go above and beyond for their jobs – rather they do the bare minimum (albeit to the detriment of business productivity).

Well, we can confidently say that our newest recruit – ‘Bluey’ - our Firefly ProSlab 155B automated turf harvester – has so far ignored this latest employee cultural trend.

So why did we give away hand stacking our slabs of turf and replace it with Bluey? Glad you asked. . .

Bluey was built by a tech company in the agricultural space, that designs and builds automated turf equipment in the United States that solves real turf farming problems – such as we had with hand stacking turf (that’s right – previous to Bluey we manually stacked each and every turf slab onto our pallets with our bare hands!).

Bluey is a single operator, fully automated turf slab harvester that is designed to improve turf harvesting efficiency. Bluey’s run rate is 700 square metres of turf per hour. Unlike our old hand stacking harvester, Bluey can harvest turf slabs into turf tiles at the flick of a switch, providing multiple width and length options for our customers.

In the Whitsundays, we have extreme summers – increasing the risk of pallet burn. Bluey’s optimal harvesting efficiency means in our peak Spring/Summer harvesting season, we can output higher volumes of cut turf in reduced timeframes – leading to a fresher product upon delivery of our turf to our customers.

Bluey has passed probation with 5 stars – no sick days, no whinging, no whining, no costly repairs and no quiet quitting.

Bluey is by far the best new recruit we’ve added to our team to date.

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